William Harris (and Ronald Harris - son of William)

Name:William Harris
Birth:May 31 1901
Death:Dec 10 1982 (81 years)
Llandudno, Wales
DOB from Nigels Notes. William may have worked for his father at the spanish art gallery, but did not become a director like Maurice and Lionel Jnr. William died in a private nursing home in in Llandudno, North Wales on the 10th Dec 1982. His will was written in 1954 and he left all his possesions to May Evans who he says had helped him build up his business during the last 8 years (ie from 1948). Now we have his Place and finally his date of death we have his death certificate, which shows he was born 31st May 1901
Father:Lionel Harris, Sr
Mother:Enriqueta ( Esther ) Rodriguez Leon
Spouse:Blanche Cuthbertson
Spouse:Anna Bernstein
Marriage:Jun 17 1925
Hampstead, London
Children:Dave Harris ???? - 2004
Gordon Harris 1925 - 1954
Ronald Harris
Partner:May (Hannah Mary) Evans
Children:Martin David Goodall
Sister:Violeta Harris 1898 - 1989
Brother:Maurice Harris b.1900
Sister:Pilar Rodriguez Leon b.1893
Self:William Harris 1901 - 1982
Brother:Lionel Harris, Jr b.1903
Sister:Conchita Harris 1904 - 1987
Brother:Tomás Joseph Harris 1908 - 1964
Sister:Enriqueta Eva Harris 1910 - 2006